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We all know summers in the northeast are no joke. From stifling temperatures to near unbearable humidity, you’ll want to take every measure possible to keep your home cool and maintain that inside oasis.

Thankfully, our experts here at Robaire have some great tips to help you beat the heat this summer without breaking the bank!

Change & Clean Air Filters

Due to the fact that people spend the majority of their time inside, indoor air is actually significantly more polluted than outdoor air. Your air filters help to remove this pollution from your home’s air and keep it clean. However, the longer an air filter has been in use, the harder it is for your system to do its job, causing it to become less efficient over time.

Cleaning or replacing your air filters on a monthly basis can help prevent this from happening, while also reducing the amount of energy your AC unit uses by 15%.

Clear Your System’s Drainage Line

The high humidity that comes with northeastern summers tends to make the already soaring heat feel significantly hotter and less comfortable. Inside the home, your system’s drainage line plays a huge role in how well your AC is able to dehumidify the indoor air.

Checking, clearing and cleaning (if necessary) this drainage line on a regular basis can help your system prevent humidity and keep your home comfortable.

Clear Your Condenser Unit of any Obstructions

Since most AC condenser units are located outside of the home and as such must brave the elements, it is not uncommon for said units to become clogged/obstructed/impeded by vegetation and debris, often without homeowners noticing.

Make sure your condenser unit and its general vicinity are clean and cleared out every couple of weeks just to be safe, as this will prevent any unwanted buildup from affecting your system.

Use Ceiling Fans to Your Advantage

Ceiling fans are an underestimated yet super helpful technology when it comes to keeping homes cooler for cheaper. Not only do they keep the air in your moving and prevent hot air from settling – they can also help reduce indoor temperatures by 4 degrees.

Keep Doors & Windows Shut & Sealed

This one seems like a no brainer when it comes to keeping your house cool. Shutting your doors and windows helps to keep cool air in and the hot air out. However, even when shut, small cracks in your door and window frames may be letting this happen anyway.

It is important to not only shut but seal your doors and windows as best you can in order to prevent this.

Be Mindful of Your Home’s Temperature

When outside temperatures are high, our first instinct is often to set our thermostats lower, even when we aren’t home. However, the higher the difference is between inside and outside temperatures, the higher the cost will be in energy and dollars.

It is important to be mindful of your temperature settings at all times, as you can maintain your home’s comfort without overworking your system.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat & Home Intelligence  

Smart thermostats are an awesome tool to help you save both energy and money simultaneously. Smart thermostat technology allows homeowners to automate and control their home’s AC from anywhere.

The scheduling features on these smart thermostats enable energy conservation at times when your home is empty and increased energy efficiency efficiency at all times, which can save you tons on your monthly power expenses. Some smart thermostats are even able to alert you when your air filters and other system features need updated or replaced.

In addition to smart thermostats, Robaire HVAC offers a range of Home Intelligence products and services. Check out Home Intelligence by Robaire to learn more!

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