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It’s no secret that having access to indoor air conditioning can feel like a real lifesaver, especially when the weather outside becomes unbearably hot.

While the term ‘lifesaver’ may sound like an exaggerated figure of speech when applied to your home’s AC system, this designation is actually totally justified and wholly accurate.

As a matter of fact, while we may not realize or fully appreciate it, air conditioning literally saves countless lives on a daily basis. Keep reading to learn about three different ways AC helps to save lives!

1. Killer Heat vs. AC

It goes without saying that too much sun can be bad for you, but what you may not realize is just how dangerous it really is.

Extreme heat exposure can prevent the body from properly cooling and cause elevated body temperatures. This in turn can lead to hyperthermia, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and, in some severe cases, even death.

While extreme heat exposure is still a problem today, its impacts have been drastically reduced thanks to air conditioning.

According to studies reported by The Washington Post, the number of heat-related deaths in America have dropped by 80 percent since 1960. Experts have concluded that this drop in fatalities is directly linked to the advent of widespread residential air conditioning.

By providing an escape from the heat, AC has given us a means to quickly, easily and effectively cool our bodies down, the benefits of which cannot be overstated.

This, however, is just one way this amazing technology helps to save lives.  

2. The Air We Breath

The quality of the air we breath is crucial to our overall health and wellbeing, especially indoors where we spend most of our time.  

Germs, viruses and other impurities thrive in areas where air is hot, humid, or damp. As such, poor air quality promotes the spread of illness and diseases. Air conditioning helps to combat and prevent this.

In addition to keeping you cool and comfortable, your AC system is also working to keep the air you breath fresh, clean, temperate and free of airborne impurities. This in turn helps to keep us healthy and disease free.

Modern AC systems can be equipped with air purifiers, dehumidifiers, carbon monoxide detectors and smart technologies that allow you to monitor and control your air quality.

3. Medical Miracle

Believe it or not, of all the technological advances that have made modern medicine possible, air conditioning is one of the most important.

In order to study and develop new medicines and medications, doctors and medical scientists require highly controlled environments with stable cool temperatures and very low humidity levels in which to run experiments.

Thankfully, air conditioning has helped medical science progress by giving us the ability to precisely alter air quality based on our exact needs.

Without the capabilities of AC, crucial medical discoveries would have never been possible, and many of the vital medicines we rely on today may have never been created.

Check out this cool article from RSI to learn more about the role of HVAC in modern medicine!

A True Lifesaver

On top of all the ways air conditioning has improved our quality of life, it has also helped to save an innumerable amount of human lives since it was first introduced to the American public.

While we may take its presence for granted in our increasingly tech-saturated lives, we should appreciate air conditioning for the modern miracle it truly is, and we should consider how lucky we are to have access to such an amazing technology.

So next time it saves you from the heat or just keeps you cool and comfy, remember that your air conditioning truly is a lifesaver!

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